AVG Pc Tune Up 2021/2022 Full Crack,Serial Key,Gratis Download

Download AVG PC Tuneup full crack 2021/2022 works in the background to help your PC always run at top speed. Also AVG PC Tuneup 2020 can extend your battery life and free up valuable disk space.
AVG PC Tuneup  Features:

• Turbo Mode. One click turns off over 70 unnecessary processes, releasing power for faster browsing, gaming and videos.

• Program Deactivator. Deactivates programs you never use to stop them draining processor speed without uninstalling them.
• Startup Optimizer. Jump starts your PC by identifying and recommending which unnecessary start up programs and services to switch off.
• Startup Manager. Identifies and rates all startup programs, so you can tell at a glance which are essential and which are just slowing you down.
• Drive Defrag. Reorganizes the files on your hard drive to reduce boot times.
• Live Optimization. Works silently in the background, constantly prioritizing all the applications and processes that are running to increase loading speed and PC performance.
• Automatic Start-Stop Mode. AVG PC Tuneup  allows any programs that you have deactivated with Program Deactivator to be reactivated in a single click. When you have finished using them, they are automatically deactivated again, minimizing the drain on your processor power.
• Disk Doctor. Crashes, hardware defects and power blackouts can lead to file system problems that prevent programs from starting. Disk Doctor helps prevent this problem by thoroughly checking files and fixing issues.
• Registry Defrag. Just like a hard drive, your registry ends up full of gaps as it grows and changes. Registry Defrag reorganizes your registry to speed performance and to remove problems accessing the database.
• Registry Cleaner. Helps stop system crashes and start up issues by deleting or repairing the redundant, orphaned or broken keys, pointers and entries that are cluttering your registry.
• Shortcut Cleaner. Helps you maintain a clean, uncluttered desktop by removing ‘dead’ shortcuts and empty folders on your desktop and start menu.
AVG PC Tuneup  is a softwaret designed for diagnostics, configuration and optimization of Windows. AVG PC Tuneup is working with the registry, disk ...